SDM-Valorum advised the shareholders of CenEnergy in the sale of a majority stake to Belfius

CenEnergy provides smart charging solutions and all related services to optimize e-mobility. CenEnergy was backed by Gumption, an ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs.After several years of commercial cooperation, Belfius takes a majority stake in CenEnergy. Belfius and CenEnergy are joining forces to offer Belgian companies, public institutions and in the future also private individuals a sustainable and complete charging infrastructure for vehicles.
With this strategic partnership, Belfius wants to resolutely continue to focus on sustainable mobility. And driven by its ESG ambitions to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in our country in particular and to equip its customers with a sustainable and complete charging infrastructure. This strategic partnership was confirmed by a majority stake of Belfius in the capital of CenEnergy, with founder Alex Geurts (via Cenim), Ginion Group and Jan Verbruggen, Managing Partner of CenEnergy, remaining as minority shareholders.
Gumption made the decision to leave CenEnergy based on its incubator strategy to help young companies develop, including digitally, and to prepare these companies to take new strategic steps.

[Translated excerpt from the Belfius press release]


Advised in the sale of

CenEnergy (majority stake)




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