Colombo & Associati advised Quaestio Group and the Cariplo Foundation in the reorganization of the structure of Quaestio Group

DeA Capital S.p.A. signed a series of agreements with Quaestio Group and its main shareholders, in particular Cariplo Foundation and Professor Alessandro Penati (the Chairman of Quaestio Holding and Quaestio SGR).
The agreements in question include:
– the acquisition by the DeA Capital Group of the NPL Management business unit of Quaestio SGR, currently responsible for managing Atlante Fund and Italian Recovery Fund;
– the acquisition by DeA Capital S.p.A. of an equity interest in Quaestio Holding, the parent company of the group of the same name, alongside the company’s existing shareholders (with a relative majority stake of up to 44%).

DeA Capital S.p.A. is pursuing the above transactions as part of its strategy for expanding its AAM Platform, which is currently focused on managing closed-end funds reserved for institutional investors and has allowed the DeA Capital Group to become the number-one independent player in the alternative asset management industry in Italy. Combining the DeA Capital Group’s current assets under management of approximately EUR 11.9 billion (according to its most recent approved situation) with those of the Quaestio Group would yield Combined AUM of over EUR 20 billion.

From the perspective of the Quaestio Group, these transactions serve two purposes:
– refocusing the business on the traditional asset management segment, with prospects of exiting the NPL business;
– reorganizing the ownership and governance structure to include a major player such as DeA Capital S.p.A., capable of contributing to strengthening the Quaestio Group and supporting it in a new phase of its growth.

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