Dealbook FY 2023: Our Network expansion continues while bears paid a visit to the M&A market in 2023, cautiously optimistic for 2024

The bears made their presence known in the M&A market in 2023. Despite this, Advior Members successfully closed around 100 deals, falling short of the record set in 2022 with 152 M&A transactions. This trend was in line with the overall state of the M&A market, which faced challenges stemming from a difficult macroeconomic environment characterized by high inflation, elevated capital costs, and persistent supply chain disruptions amidst geopolitical conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and the aftermath of the terrorist attack of October 7 in Israel.

However, there are positive signs emerging, particularly in specific sectors where M&A activity has remained resilient. Advior anticipates increased deal activity in 2024, has continued its network expansion and will be announcing its cornerstone Member in the US in the next weeks.

For more information on selected deal activity and the combined track record of the Members of Advior International, please download our Dealbook 2023.