Alpha Corporate Finance advised Norselab in connection with the placement of Norselab Fund I towards professional investors

The Norselab Fund was established in 2020 with the goal to create both long-term positive capital returns and net impact through investments and extensive involvement in a portfolio of meaningful technology companies. The Norselab team has vast entrepreneurial experience, showcasing a strong track record of building, scaling and growing technology companies. Now, the Norselab Fund is ready to help other entrepreneurs overcome the hurdles of the growth phase, setting them up for success in the global marketplace.Building on a co-founder and seed investor legacy that goes back to 2015, Norselab Fund I is being raised to benefit from the favorable trends in the Norwegian venture landscape. There is a booming Norwegian startup scene fueled by tech-savvy, purpose-seeking talents, but Norselab believes that Norway offers very few capital players capable of funding and accompanying tech companies through scale-up and growth. Norselab will close the growth gap by investing in meaningful technology companies; industry-related, data-driven startups and scaleups with an ambition to create net positive impact for people and the planet.

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