Rembrandt M&A advised AB Vakwerk Groep in the acquisition of ATO-Bedrijfstrainingen B.V.

ATO Bedrijfsopleiding is located in Leeuwarden and specialises in providing company trainings. ATO Bedrijfsopleiding trains approximately 5,000 students per year in the fields of transport, logistics and health & safety. Besides the regular courses for forklift trucks and hoisting equipment, there are also recertifications and refresher courses for drivers. ATO Bedrijfstrainingen also offers emergency response and first aid training. Johan Folkertsma, owner of ATO: “In 20 years ATO has become one of the major players in the Northern part of the Netherlands in practical training for SMEs. With the acquisition of AB Vakwerk we can invest more in the growth of our company, including a new branch of ATO in Noord-Holland that opens next January.”

AB Vakwerk acquired 100% of the shares in ATO Bedrijfsopleiding. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions assisted the buyer in realizing this transaction. The acquisition is part of AB Vakwerk’s change of course in 2019 towards a secondment and training provider in the flexible labour market. Managing Director Marco Meijer : “With the acquisition of ATO we are responding to the changing labour market and more specifically the increasing scarcity of good skilled workers.”

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