Raiffeisen Switzerland advised the shareholders of Careanesth on the sale to Care Holding Schweiz AG (part of Invision)

Careanesth is the leading personal staffing agency in the healthcare sector in Switzerland. Its staff pool consists of more than 10’000 freelancers and stand-in nurses, therapists, physicians, and other healthcare specialists. Care Holding Schweiz AG, an acquisition vehicle established by Invision, a Swiss-based private equity fund.

Raiffeisen Switzerland acted as financial advisor to the shareholders of Careanesth in the sale to Invision. The principal shareholder and Managing Director of Careanesth is reinvesting a significant part of the proceeds alongside Invision. The shareholder of Careanesth selected Invision as partner after an intensive and careful qualification process run in two stages.

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Care Holding Schweiz AG (part of Invision)


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