Optimal Investments advised Socicorreia on the structuring of a senior debt facility for the construction of a residential project

Founded in 2006, Socicorreia is a Madeira-based Group engaged in the sector of civil construction and real estate promotion. Vertically integrated value chain from construction to the commercialization of buildings (with a small portion of decoration as well). The group consists of multiple additional firms in order to focus into the specific area of service. It is present with offices in Lisbon, Braga, Azores and Madeira where it has most of their developments. Currently, Socicorreia is one of the key groups of Madeira’s corporate DNA.

Socicorreia sought a bank senior debt facility for the exclusive purpose of funding the construction of a residential project in Madeira with 93 apartments and 2 retail stores. The residential project comprised 3 blocks and it was divided into different phases in order to maximize the returns and mitigate the risks.

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