Optimal Investments advised AceCann on its growth equity and debt investment from multiple private and venture capital investors

Founded in 2019, AceCann (the Company) is a Portugal-based cannabis company. The Company operates in 2 business segments: Cultivation of cannabis (Indoor organic – GACP) and Processing (EU-GMP) into dried flower, which will be implemented in a first stage and subsequently expanded and cannabis extraction production for medicinal usage, which will start in a second stage. AceCann cultivation facility and processing unit is located in the Industrial Park in Vendas Novas, in the Évora district, while accessing low-cost labour.
AceCann announced the closing of a €13m round of Seed financing. The funding round was led by venture firm Casa Verde with participation from Portuguese venture capital firm, Lince Capital, along with public funding and debt capital. AceCann will use the proceeds to develop a state-of-the-art production facility located in Vendas Novas, Portugal dedicated to the organic cultivation, processing and extraction of premium medical cannabis products.

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