Colombo & Associati advised the majority shareholders of Esselunga SpA in the purchase of the minority shareholding of the Company

Colombo & Associati acted as financial advisor to the majority shareholders of Esselunga SpA (Giuliana Albera Caprotti and Marina Caprotti), in the acquisition of the remaining 30% stake held by the minority shareholders (Violetta Caprotti and Giuseppe Caprotti). On January 11, 2019, the majority shareholders disclosed they had exercised their right to purchase the minority shareholders stake. Over the last year, the majority shareholders and the minority shareholders. have participated in a valuation process for the determination of the price of the minority shareholders’ stake. On March 20, 2020, the valuation process has determined – with a decision taken by majority – that the aggregate purchase price for the minority shareholders stake of 30% is equal to € 1,830 million. The purchase price shall be paid by a combination of (i) equity funding from the majority shareholders in the amount equal to € 535 million and (ii) debt funding to be drawn on senior facilities with a pool of primary Italian and international banks in the amount of € 1,312 million.

About Esselunga SpA
Esselunga SpA is one of the leading Italian food retailers, operating through a network of over 159 superstores and supermarkets primarily in the northern regions of Italy. Esselunga was founded in 1957 with the opening in Milan of the first supermarket in Italy. In 2019, Esselunga registered revenues of approximately EUR 8 billion, with an adjusted EBITDA of € 675 million (8.3% EBITDA margin). Today, the Company has over 23,000 employees.

The transaction is pending.

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